Hoof and Horn

Some call it Okinawan Bullfighting, some ushi-zumo (bull sumo), but most call it tōgyū (闘牛). And frankly, why wouldn’t you? Tōgyū is a spectator sport native to Ryukyu Islands of Japan, especially in the Okinawa Prefecture. It is also held in other regions of Japan, such as Iwate, Niigata, Shimane, Ehime and Kagoshima Prefectures.


Nago Castle

I started the day working on some freelance stuff that I put off from the night before. My focus seemed good so I pushed and pulled pixels until I noticed a blue sky. It's been a while, either I had been locked behind a desk and unable to see the day star or the Okinawan fall had thrown its fat gray blanket over the sun.


Naha Matsuri

I decided not to attend the Naha Tug-of-War this year, not out of spite but I just forgot. I was wrapped up in other things. You think I would have remembered…the day before I drove by the Naha Cellular Stadium and saw the giant inflatable bear. I know I thought to myself, “Hey…Matsuri…” I just didn’t make the connection.


I began to worry if I could publish any content this week, although work went slow, the things I planned to put together hasn’t panned out the way I intended.


The Man Behind MIP

Today we meet with one of the most prolific graphic artist to hit the shores of Okinawa in a long time. Not only talented as an illustrator, iconographer and theorist, but Marvin Manigault Jr is also the man and marvel behind Mind Is Power.


Rockets, Rooms, and Reseau

Here we go again, it’s another article about space. Some of you may be getting tired of the bi-monthly “to infinity and beyond” rants, but it’s been a strange two weeks for aerospace. A Long March 3C rocket carrying a Chang-e’ 2 probe took off from Xiang at 1100 GMT on October 1––the 2nd Chinese moon mission ever.

Just Another (Patent) Number

You are a technology, to be exploited, refined and sold for profit. Well, you were up until a week ago. The Justice Department filed a friend-of-the-court brief last Friday in order to reverse a persisting policy that human genes could be patented. The new position could have a huge effect on medicine and on the biotechnology industry.


Here’s the Scoop

I’m always complaining about subject matter. There always seems to be either too much or too little to write about, especially related to tech. There is a bunch of stuff going on this week: scientists discover natural faster-than-light phenomenon, the effects of uranium-238, and the answer to “do blind people hallucinate?”


Naha Captured

Give a guy a car, a camera, some duct tape, some mixing equipment and a non-linear editor and he’ll smoke and curse until something is rendered. Bored one weekend evening I figured I would duct tape a camera to my car and see what happened.



Back Up

sites back up I took me a bit but I had to stand this thing back up. I wasn't kidding about this being an experiment. Updates can explode. It is a matter of putting all the pieces back together so I should be fully function in no time. Thanks for stopping by


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