Gotta Go

gotta go

I have been trying to balance work, play (this) and blue skies the last few weeks, it's been hectic to say the least. There a big fat thank you that goes out to all of you, you have help to keep this starving-artist's belly full and passion burning.

Mihama Random

Couple shopping in Mihama

Light fell on the floor just under the curtain. The bright white morning reflected off the hardwood making the room a pleasing orange. I needed something to chase the reoccurring blues away, internal whining of workload and the "should have, could have's" were going to poison a gorgeous morning if I let it.



The work week in Japan usually lasts from Monday to Saturday, this said, Sunday is pretty important, looked forward to, even craved for by Wednesday. A time for family and friends or maybe just getting an ice cream by yourself, solace. Sundays here generally don't carry the dread of a coming a work week, but rather an appreciation that borders on indulgence and settles into a quiet sort of happiness.



Gustatus Similis Pullus
I started working on this 2 weeks ago. I had never used an application called Mudbox and if I have the guts to call myself a 3d guy, I figured I should probably learn. As I scratch my unshaven chin I am going to call this a work in progress but you never know when you will have to move along to another project, time always has the final say when something is finished.


Season Opener

I have been trying to figure a way to write this in a manner that suits the occasion, it’s been a week, and I haven’t made heads or tails of it. So let’s begin at the end. Airi Saitoh won the 2012 Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournament in a three women playoff.


Pottery Fishing

Sorry about the hiatus. Thank you all for dropping by to check, I have been finishing up a number of personal and professional projects, busy is good and to be quite frank it is you girls/guys that have brought it (the busy) with you, your viewership has led me to certain avenues/opportunities that I would have never gotten to without your readership, so again thank you. The winter weather has not been yielding many blue skies, but guilt about the site and posting something new was starting to get to me…


Hidden Importance

Okinawa is lot of things, tropical resort island, birthplace of karate, the last stand of the pacific war, ancient trade center of the Chinese and Ryukyu empires and so much more. Generally what’s kept out of sight of the tourist routes are the farms but if you veer right off of any main road you will find one...


Training Day

spring training

While northern Japan sits under a neck deep mantle of winter white stuff, Okinawa looks up at an indecisive blue-gray sky. Just as the blooming of the sakura ushers in spring so does the arrival of the ball players.



Tossing ideas around of what to do and where to go this weekend, I gave up entirely. I milled about at work waiting for the closing minutes to punch their mark on the clock so I could vacate the premises. Mindlessly, I checked the forecast and Sunday threatened rain. I knew this meant I should probably leave and go photograph something. Yet I was back at, what…

今週末、何処に行って何をしよう? 何か良いアイディアはないかと色々と考えを巡らせたけど、全くお手上げ状態。終業時刻が来たらタイムカードを押して職場を離れる事が出来るのを待ち侘びながら職場を動き回っていた。何も考えずに天気予報をチェックすると日曜日は雨の恐れありときた。これは、さっさと退社して何かを撮影に行きなさいという事だと分かっていた。しかし、まだ考えあぐねていた自分だった。

Ryukyu Mura

When I run out of inspiration or just need content there is really only one place I need to go, Ryukyu Mura. It encompasses most things traditional, most things Okinawan. It’s not just the serenity of the place because it has its fanfare. It’s watching the people discover the place where I live and seeing them wide-eyed with the sense of unlocking a mystery….



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