It is all Butter

I know your thinking where is the new Hai Sai Okinawa, actually me too...Deadline lines have been pushed back to accommodate some things, technical difficulties, a shortage of footage, but that's an interesting story, we managed to get typhoon footage of Okinawa from a guy on Port Vila Efate Island, Vanuatu. Thank you Mr. Mackley. He's an incredibly nice man and I hope he stays safe. Check out his site, he does some pretty amazing stuff.

Night Songs

When the mood strikes, I suppose you have to roll with it. It's been one of those in-between weeks, we all have them, the plates are full and this is not a time for complaints but rather thanks, you only wish you had more hands, feet or time.


I want to thank everyone for their return visits and words of praise, encouragement and thoughts, it's an honor to be included in your life even if in a passive way. It means a great deal, you are the motivators, most of the time art is the audience, more than the piece being shone...but we can talk about that later

Pep Talk

There are moments when nothing appears to go right, colors don't fit, motions do not work and even the intention seemed to have deviated from the original plan. You can feel it, whatever that "it" is just beyond, eluding. You tire from the chase.

Beats Too Dark

In the truest sense art is art, a scribble or sonnet are exactly the same, most people would did disagree. Because in the people defined world generally what engenders or classifies it as art is format and if that particular scribble or sonnet meets that format, the expected value.


I take my personal camera to work with me for shoots for 3 reasons, a security blanket,  the need for a camera B and for practice.  You can never have enough stock footage, and you never really know what you may capture. The footage above was taken at Ryukyu Mura for a piece about sanshin for Hai Sai Okinawa, I didn't end up using it. (I will link to the program when it becomes available at the beginning of next month) Not that the footage isn't any good but the piece may have run long and Final Cut doesn't seem to play well with DSLR formats.

私が職場に自分のカメラを撮影用に持参するのには理由が3つあります。安全パイとして、カメラB用に必要だから、そして練習の為です。映像のストックを蓄え過ぎるなんて事は決してありません。それに、何が撮れるかなんて全く知りようもありません。上の映像は、「はいさい沖縄」の三線特集の一部分に使おうと琉球村で撮影しましたが、結局、使わない事にしました。(「はいさい沖縄」が来月初めに放送されたら、本サイトにリンクします。) 映像が良くなかったという訳ではないのですが、この映像は長く放送されるかもしれないので、最終カットはデジタル一眼レフカメラフォーマットでは、綺麗に再生しない様に思えたからです。

Last Drop

So my career as graphic designer isn't necessarily over, just on hold for a while. My last article for Okinawa Living appears this month and is on shelves now. How can I begin to tell you what an amazing ride it has been...

グラフィックデザイナーとしての私のキャリアは必ずしも終わったわけではありません。しばらくの間は、休職という形です。”Okinawa Living”の私の最後の記事が今月号に掲載されて出回っています。”Okinawa Living”でのお仕事は、どの様に話し始めれば良いのか分からない程、素晴らしく楽しいものでした・・・

Naha Haarii

Naha Haarii

It started out as a work thing, I had planned to take pictures but I was there to learn. I accepted the job as Audio/Visual Production Technician so that meant capturing a live event, writing a script and then editing the piece together for final airing. I still had not gotten over that I actually got the job, never mind that I now had to do it. I was nervous.

最初は仕事として、写真を撮る予定で出掛けたのですが、学ぶ為にその場に居たのでした。 オーディオ・ビジュアル制作技術者の仕事を引き受けた訳ですが、その仕事は、ライブイベントを録画して、原稿を書き、編集した物を最終的に放送するといったものです。本当にその仕事を得たという実感がまだ湧かないのです。そんな事は気にせずに、とにかく、今やるべき事をしなくてはならなかったのですが、緊張していました。

Making A Splash

So I haven't been around in a week or so, I hope you guys can forgive me. It's been hectic, thrilling, nerve-racking, wonderful, weird, and just plain fun.


RealFlow and Raindrops

I had been inspired (thank you, you know who you are) in the last couple of weeks despite the off and on rain, the schedule and loftier professional pursuits. I needed to express, capture or create and the limitations, mostly my own, had blocked the path. Looking through the paper and then at the dog-eared forecast, capturing Okinawa seemed to be out, expressing myself...well I could do that with a post, so I figured I must create.


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