Live music used to be my life blood, a reason to exist, a thing to plan around or for, time, obligation and the things in-between have cut that out...


Parade Day

Nobody was more surprised by the beginning of Naha Matsuri than me, I actually got a parking spot by Kokusai, lucky I suppose...

Different Pieces Different Parts

Believe it or not there is a continuity to your work, separate things sometimes converge in unexpected ways...

Possible Intro Probable Thanks

Desk bound and bored, got the creative itch that turned into somewhat of a flinch. The above intro was made for making, practice so to speak, it's not great but it was more about application than product. The typhoon approaches and I'm betting that tomorrow I'll be without power. So I figured it best to whip something up, sorry it's not about Okinawa this time.

Eisa Dreams

Eisa is a folk dance unique to the Ryukyu Islands. It may be performed many times throughout the year at various festivals, but Eisa performances are concentrated around lunar mid-July (lunar year). A centuries-long tradition to mark the end of the Obon Festival.



Takes So Long

Not 3D, but that does too...learning. Learning anything new or old can be frustrating, irritating and most of time expensive. In matters of time, money and effort. I am not the most patient man but I am learning to be...I think...


Art is technical, even before computers. There is a sort of zen when finally that layer of abstraction covers all the processes and you are creating. You see the goal not the hatching or setting the perspective lines. When your body pushes and pulls the pixels, brush or note in accordance with what the mind or soul transmits...

Soccer Time

Soccer (the real football) is something I had never taking a liking to, it may be an American thing, but you won't find me at an American Football (Hand-Egg) game either. Unless I'm working...I had never covered a game, a sporting event really (the golf thing doesn't count). They are quite difficult. I'm glad it wasn't for live broadcast television because I think I would need a new job. But it was fun.

サッカー(本物のフットボール)は、自分にとっては全く好きになれなかったものです。アメリカ的なものでしょうが、アメリカンフットボール(ハンドエッグ)をやっている自分なんていうのも想像もつかないでしょう。もし、今の仕事をしていなければ、スポーツ試合の取材をする事などなかったでしょう。スポーツイベントは一切取材しないでしょう。 (ゴルフにしてもそうです。)スポーツイベントはとても難しいのです。生のテレビ放送の取材でなくて嬉しいです。もし生放送だったら、新しい仕事を探さなくてはいけません。でも楽しかったです。

Along the Reef

Summer comes whether you are paying attention or not. Generally the heat is an indicator but you avoid the call, the pull that's in is the breeze to come out and play. There is this or that to do, an errand in need of running, a living room in want of dusting or that report....


New Horizons

A friend of said the other day, "there is only about a day where you get to relax between projects, you can relax for like 12 hours before you are thinking about the next one..." he was right in a way. The newest episode of Hai Sai Okinawa is done.


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