Macaroni Art

The holidays are weird time...and gifts are always difficult, try as I might I am not a materialist. I see getting stuff unless it is essential as excess, but I am also the guy who refuses to carry an umbrella...

Winter Sky Winter Songs

The year is coming to a close and the pressure seems to mount, so many things left unsaid, undone, unwritten, unsung, yet time and schedules have not been yielding, all of us, are caught between have-to's and pleading for a little more time.


Behind the Falling Sun

It's snowing in Tokyo, hoarfrost in Sapporo, yet the crush of the falling sun marks a winter wind with subtropical light. New words and old desire lament the falling star as a prayer, a wish...



Sometimes you have collected parts, the stories and inspirations of such are either too great to spell out on a page or the significance or magnitude would be deprecated by mere word...


One Start of Another

Art has been a pursuit, a confidant, a wayward lover and a best friend. I found art early and had hoped at the beginning I would make a life of it, this in fact was a delusion. It has become more than that.

Out for the Day

Art, plans and intentions are sometimes made with no direction, only effort and maybe a tank of gas and something to record the adventure. I would forgo the brush or pen this time, grab the camera and head where the gut pulled me.


A Day of Sport

The cooling of the seasons, late summer, early autumn brings Undōkai (運動会)or Sports Day in Japan, much like the Field Days of Europe and India, undōkai is an understated cultural event.


Things Collected

Remembering summer as the rains begin again. The clouds hang fat and are the color of dryer lint. Lightning streaks the sky and the boom of thunder steals your breath and rattles the windows.


Passion and Power

Some are drawn to the gym for surface reasons and others something deeper. Training is a strange mixture of resistance and recovery, movement and momentum, excess and equilibrium. Hopefully lighting a path to a well measured and balanced person.


Tropical Autumn

They say when you have nothing to talk about the weather. That is sort of the case here but autumn is one of my favorite seasons and in Okinawa it is exceedingly short...



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