Pieces of History

I had some time ago tried to write a post about pottery, just how important it is to Okinawa and what it means to the culture of the island. I failed to do so. I believe I will fail again but this is not going to keep me from trying.


Payao Fish Market

Payao Fish Market has been an Awase and Okinawan fixture for 15 years. One of the premiere places on the island to get Okinawa's ocean orarian delicacies.


Portrait of an Artist Genta

The above interview was shot to prove or dismiss a hypothesis, in the words of an eminent sociologist, William Kornblum*: The art of any of the world’s peoples, past or present, can be ‘read’ for evidence of how people organize their society, for the nature of interpersonal relationships, for what they value as sacred or simply enjoyable, and for what they despise.



Maybe a Day

Every now and again it takes the smile of a stranger to set things right. In the constant search of an angle, a story, a vision, an end. Sometimes it's not revealed until you get the camera home and start to catalog the pictures.

Mutatis Mutandis

As the season once again starts to change from winter to spring, Okinawa has fits and starts of beautiful days. Opening warm, bright, even hot; yet falling into declining temperatures and skies grayer than your favorite shirt.

Things Hidden Things Obscure

For some Okinawa is a part of the path and for others off of it. There are a few things most will see when arriving here or taking a tour. Yet there are pieces of history hidden away from bus routes and even below your feet.


Social Hack

At the behest of a good doctor, I had taken up a social experiment. The challenge was to break a social norm, yet the way to do it was up to me. Originally, I had thought the provocation a bit daring, possibly dangerous or worse, insulting.


Nakagusuku Castle

Nakagusuku Castle (Nakagusuku-jo) is located 2 kilometers from the old trading port of Yagi at an elevation of 160 meters above sea level. The steep slopes and jagged cliffs made it a easy choice for the legendary Ryūkyūan commander, Gosamaru, who made the fortress his home in the early 15th century to defend against attacks from the east by Lord Amawari of Katsuren Castle.


Harvesting Winter

In some places of the world January isn't exactly the ideal season for the growth of anything, with the possible exception of snowdrifts. Okinawa's subtropical climate and mild winters offers the chance to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.


A New Year

So the last year was amazing, stressful, exceedingly quick, eye-opening and full of changes, I think for all of us. The next seems full of the things listed above and more.



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