Senagajima had always been a place of escape. Connected by bridge to main island of Okinawa, it is a safe distance either near or far to watch the bustle of the world away.


Captured Light and Sound

Winter is slowly edging itself back in. Autumn pushes clouds in impossible directions. Soon the rains will come leaving us to the chase the warmth of the elusive sun.


Odo Coast

Back and forth...what do you follow the Nakadomari story with, I was at a those who have not heard Mr. Nakadomari took silver in the 2013 IFBB World Masters competition. An accomplishment that makes the nation and especially Okinawa proud.

行ったり来たり、どうすれば良いか困っていました。 仲泊氏が「世界マスターズボディビル選手権大会2013」で銀メダルを獲得したニュースをまだ知らない読者の人達に、仲泊氏についてのストーリーの次は、どんな記事をお届け出来るだろうか。彼の偉業は、日本、特に沖縄に誇りを持たせる成果となりました。

Portrait of an Artist Nakadomari

It may be perplexing why a website that is about art, design and Okinawa contains so much about bodybuilding.



Between two typhoons and a government shutdown I sat awestruck by what to do next...Puzzled. As long as I had power, a bit of coffee and some imagination I supposed I could put some things together....

Changes for the Cheddar

Sometimes it takes finesse, sometimes it takes force, most times it takes both. In any case it requires will, effort and patience to either cause it or enact it.


Meatheads Unite

Just in time for Respect for the Aged Day, the 25th All Japan Masters Bodybuilding Competition was held on September 15 in Ginowan city.



History is seemingly a collection of facts set down hard on a page within a book too obscure or too heavy to dislodge from the shelf. Required only when needed and written in a manner somehow removed from this present time. But this is a perspective or a state of mind...


Friendly Question

Life is full of odd predicaments, undeniable beauty, flummoxing frustrations and enigmatic riddles. These lead, pursue, baffle and blind... Sometimes a seemingly simple friendly question when asked at the correct time can muster a philosophical crisis.


Chasing Butterflies

I made my way to the Expo Park again, to yet another place that I had not been. Before entering the park, if you veer off to your left, there is an Okinawan Village...



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