Clouds and Elephants

The work seemed to converge to a point just on the horizon. Some professional, some personal projects, some "have-tos", some "to-think-abouts" and a flurry of "get-theres." I needed a break. I wanted the torrent of ideas and the incremental scheduling conflicts to settle and bubble up to the surface on their own. We always know how to fix things, sometimes you just need to stop thinking. Forcing them wasn't working.


Practice PreVis

It rained almost all of Golden Week. Not that I had any of it off, but I was hoping to get some decent pictures for site. Actually I did, but not enough to write a story...


Salt Sea and Glass

I had it set in my head today would be the day I go out and shoot. Projects have been burning the daylight and the midnight oil. The pace has prevented me from doing some of the things I enjoy, namely piecing together this site. I apologize for the delay...


Spreading the Word

Sometimes you get a rare chance to see something special. I was lucky enough to take part in something that I hope becomes a staple of spring. Family Mart's Dream Match. This years contenders were INAC Kobe Leonessa and the UCLA Bruins.

何か特別な物を見る稀な機会が時に訪れたりするものです。幸運にも「ファミリーマート ドリームマッチ」に参加出来る機会が私に訪れました。このイベントが春の定番になってくれる事を望みます。INAC神戸レオネッサの今年の対戦チームは、UCLA Bruins(大学全米チャンピオン)です。


It's been a while since I have posted anything for this I apologize. I do appreciate those that stop by and continue to on a regular basis. Without you this site would not exist.


Fruits of Labor

Some of you may know the full Hai Sai Okinawa has halted production for the time being. A plethora of answers exist as to why, but it is mostly due to manning and budget.


Welcome the New Age

The start of the new year has been anything but slow. It promises to be full of amazing new discoveries, stories and ideas...


Winter Blues

Saturday the winds howled, the rain fell and the nose ran. Cold, not yet biting. I chased the clouds toward the coastline and tempted fate.


Vaulted Images

Prohibitive skies and vaulted images. The initial want was to go out and chase folks around, taking pictures of people being people.


Centering the Image

I would like to thank everyone who has asked about production and workflow over the last couple of months, I enjoy the questions and love to share tips, criticism and ideas. Often times your questions have caused me to center and really ask myself, why we do it this way or in fact that way...



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