Tossing ideas around of what to do and where to go this weekend, I gave up entirely. I milled about at work waiting for the closing minutes to punch their mark on the clock so I could vacate the premises. Mindlessly, I checked the forecast and Sunday threatened rain. I knew this meant I should probably leave and go photograph something. Yet I was back at, what…

今週末、何処に行って何をしよう? 何か良いアイディアはないかと色々と考えを巡らせたけど、全くお手上げ状態。終業時刻が来たらタイムカードを押して職場を離れる事が出来るのを待ち侘びながら職場を動き回っていた。何も考えずに天気予報をチェックすると日曜日は雨の恐れありときた。これは、さっさと退社して何かを撮影に行きなさいという事だと分かっていた。しかし、まだ考えあぐねていた自分だった。

I asked a friend he looked skyward and said, “Angry clouds, white caps…the ocean, black and white.” I followed his jutting chin and stopped to gaze on the billowing cumulonimbus and agreed. You would think knowing which body of water to photograph would be easy since I am surrounded by two of them (East China Sea and the Pacific). But I was still at loss, at least Mike had solved the first part of the problem, what, I guess I was left to decide, which…


Crashing waves

Checking to see if I still had my tripod with me, I did remember he had mentioned something about Zampa, seeing that I had not made my way toward Naha, he was probably right about that too.


Cape Zampa is a peninsula on the western side of the island near Yomitan Village. It has a lighthouse, a beautiful beach and a place where you can pet goat right before you eat them. A tourist spot by nature it show some of the harder beauty of Okinawa. Things at Zampa are definite, rock, sky, sea. The sharp crags of the cliffs are as unforgiving as the waves and the sky sits atop the ocean making  it stay in place. Yet often times they mix, mingle and collude to remind you to keep sure footing because nature is in control. This fact is never more apparent, than when you stand atop a 100 meter cliff and crashing wave below sends some spray to dampen your collar. And the place has history…even before the forced suicides during the war. It’s written into every crevice of the coral cliffs and hangs in the air in the silences between the pummeling waves. One of those places that shuts you up, makes you pay attention, makes you appreciative of nature and all that has happened.



more waves

Thank you everybody (and you too Mike).