Winter Blues

Saturday the winds howled, the rain fell and the nose ran. Cold, not yet biting. I chased the clouds toward the coastline and tempted fate.


Needing a picture for a project having one but not several, Cape Zanpa seemed a solution. Where the sky and sea would meet I knew I would find the blue only winter could yield.


Tourists from Taiwan and islands further north joined me at the coast like some pre-schedule hurrah. Camera-people of all sorts danced, mingled and politely inched out of each others shots.  Hoots and hollers in several languages complained of the cold and drew collars nearer.


A windblown woman seemingly perched to a ask a question marched toward me decidedly, then as the distance closed feigned a look beyond. I must not have been the person to ask, back to the bus she went. Greeting others with smiles, we all seemed determined to dodge the now falling rain.


Below the lighthouse, still searching for the opulent blue, scampering from crag to crook. I snapped a few more and hoped I had captured some of what winter bore.


When traveling to Okinawa, Cape Zanpa must be seen no matter the weather. The above pictures do no justice. The sheer cliffs and the swells of the demanding sea are things to be truly admired. Until next time. Thank you everyone.