Vaulted Images

Prohibitive skies and vaulted images. The initial want was to go out and chase folks around, taking pictures of people being people.


The sky was not in the mood for my tomfoolery. The sky did its best to hide behind its winter coat and throw rain drops at my car. It answered my feeble plea of "Come on man..." with a harder downpour. Not enough to blind but enough to make you put away the equipment. The people too shunned my pleas and headed for the shelter of the fluorescently lit shopping centers island-wide. I would have followed them, but people seem to get irritable when you are snapping the shutter closed as they are testing the firmness of tomatoes or buying that unintended purchase.


So I leave you with these gems. Taken at Bios on the Hill near Onna Village. If you happen to be in the area it's well worth going. Until next time everyone. Thanks for stopping by. :) 


アクセスして下さり有難うございました。 :)