Salt Sea and Glass

I had it set in my head today would be the day I go out and shoot. Projects have been burning the daylight and the midnight oil. The pace has prevented me from doing some of the things I enjoy, namely piecing together this site. I apologize for the delay...


So with conviction on my side and gas in the tank, the first thing I decided to do was bide my time. Don't look at me like that, we all do it. After doing the necessaries, I ran into an acquaintance and asked him outright, "what am I going to shoot?" Mr. C scratched his knowledgeable chin, looked skyward and said a single word: "Yomitan." The word hung between us as the meandering crowd slunk past. He continued, "Down by the Alivila Resort is a place, it's got...well you can make glass and see salt being processed...and across the street they have a really scenic view, you should shoot that." And I agreed.




I will leave some of the pictures of this fine spring day.


Thank you to Mr. C for his warm suggestions and his always pleasant conversations.


I appreciate all of you who stop by and those that return on a regular basis.


You really are the people that make this site happen.


Remember, without you there is no art.


More soon...Thank you everyone. :)



A number of people have asked about schedule, art, time and projects. More specifically what to do when the schedule seems to not allow for your particular craft? I am no expert in this, but the short answer is to fit in it. Build time into your life, there is really no way around it. Practice of your craft is essential for developing or even maintaining (this applies to every form of art). I carry a sketchbook, oils (one tube usually black), a pen and a brush in my laptop bag. Keep it light otherwise you will get frustrated. When that 5 minutes at the end of your lunch break is open whip out that sketchbook, open that IDE or get out your needle and thread. Keep the ideas and scope simple, small pieces that you can collapse at will or leave for another time. You will feel better about it in the long run and maybe have something to look forward too. I have posted some of the paint sketches in the gallery to give you a better idea to what I am trying to elucidate.



私は、ノートパソコン用のかばんにスケッチブックと油絵の具(大抵、黒のチューブ)、ペンと画ブラシを携帯しています。持つ物は軽めにして下さい。そうしないとイライラしてしまいます。ランチ休憩の5分に空きが出来れば、そのスケッチブックをサッと取り出すのです。IDE(Integrated Development Environment: 統合開発環境)を開くのです。あるいは、針と糸を取り出すのです。アイデアと範囲をシンプルに小さくして下さい。そうすれば自由自在に分けて別の機会に残せます。長い目で見れば、気分良く感じるし、多分、待ち遠しいものとなるでしょう。「ギャラリー」コーナーに、絵の具スケッチを数点載せています。私が明瞭にしようとしている事がより良くお分かりになるでしょう。