Practice PreVis

It rained almost all of Golden Week. Not that I had any of it off, but I was hoping to get some decent pictures for site. Actually I did, but not enough to write a story...


So what to post? I have been busy, but not the areas I thought I need some refreshers. I had written a script a while back and needed to start fleshing out the characters a little. What better way to do that then to make them. How about some pre-vis (an industry term for pre-visualization) work?  A 3D bust...

では、何を投稿しようか?最近忙しく、自分が考えていた場所ではなく、元気の出る場所が必要でした。少し以前に書いた台本があるのですが、少し登場人物を具体化する必要がありました。具体化して、その登場人物を創作する良い方法はないだろうか?プリ・ビズ (業界用語:プリビジュアライゼーション、事前映像化◆映画の撮影前に、場面やシークエンスを事前に映像化しておくこと。)はどうだろうか? 立体胸像はどうだろうか?・・・

Since some of the script calls for all-animated characters, either as protagonists or element pieces, why not make something to illustrate something to get the actors and players interested in the work.


I have loaded the poster into the gallery. I will try to return shortly with more shots and stories of Okinawa, that is if the weather holds out. Thank you everyone, remember their is no art without you.