Fruits of Labor

Some of you may know the full Hai Sai Okinawa has halted production for the time being. A plethora of answers exist as to why, but it is mostly due to manning and budget.


Refusing to let the name brand die and needing a venue to capture some of Okinawa's beauty as well as push some of my employer's wares. I created Hai Sai Extra to keep things rolling.


The Extras serve to extend the contributions made to the Okinawa Living magazine. It was one of the few ways I could manage to continue to rely stories of Okinawa and still maintain support. So what does this have to do with fruit you ask? It's symbolic, I suppose and we will get to that in a second.


Covering what the magazine is featuring is sometimes a blessing, you can manage to hop a ride to existing photo shoot and interview on-sight. Yet sometimes, what would be fitting for print may not be so for television or the Internet. Not because it's not interesting but it may need a longer format, supporting footage, detailed descriptions of the how, why and what came before and a host of other issues. Think about your favorite book adapted to a teledrama or movie, the results, well, the results vary. I know I am still not getting to the fruit part....


The Extra for this month was done, I had sought out the text, re-wrote it to suit and voiced it. Went to Nago and shot what I thought needed be covered and omitted parts I surmised the article should highlight. Yet before I had gone I emailed other stakeholders and asked if they would like me to cover any aspects that might be of interest to them or perhaps their clients. Getting to the fruit part...


When the seeds of labor are sown and shared, the bloom and bounty benefit the community as a whole. Nowhere is this seen more than on a tiny island. Community is not just who you sell to, but a resource and ultimately the only strategy that works, in business or life.


I managed to get some responses after the holiday break, back to Nago, I went. :) 

休暇の後、どうにか幾らかの回答を得て名護へ再び、行きました。 :)