Centering the Image

I would like to thank everyone who has asked about production and workflow over the last couple of months, I enjoy the questions and love to share tips, criticism and ideas. Often times your questions have caused me to center and really ask myself, why we do it this way or in fact that way...


The questions have gently nudged me into thinking about process along every step and ultimately about form and its arrival. Not so much as a defense of  the form of the project, plan or thing, but as a method for replication or avoidance. It is sort of perplexing, frustrating and ultimately limiting if you wind up making the same thing especially if that was not your intent (see my soundcloud feed for examples of this :\ ). So again please continue you to ask. You are in the end helping me grow as person and an artist, and for that I appreciate it deeply.


The questions too made me notice the lack of updating in the galleries with design stuff, photography or even the personal work. Here come the excuses...some of it is due to the nature of the work, the media production world is filled with non-disclosure. Well that is until they wish to release it. You showing off bits and pieces of new products is generally bad form and somewhat bad taste. You could put your heart, soul and shoelaces into a product, book, design, story, TV show, animation whatever...and to be frank a good artist, designer, codemonkey, whatever you may be, should. Yet if you don't own it...



But the real reason is time, I wanted to focus on the art of story telling and what better way to do that than Okinawa. On that note I will leave you until next time...and hopefully I will be back with another adventure in Okinawa. Thank you everyone. Remember there is no art without you.